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Extremely talented and funny. A true professional!

Joey Wells

Comedian | Writer | Creator of "Hart of the City"

Amber Brashear is a crowd pleaser! She is a versatile comic, able to handle diverse audiences and situations with ease.Charming, brash and hilarious at once! Catch her any chance you get!

Bobbie Oliver

Comedian | Owner, Tao Comedy Studio

She's an amazing comedian, she's explosive her confidence just jumps out on the stage and she just engulfs everyone in the room with it!

"Sean G" Grant

Comedian | Writer | Jimmy Kimmel

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Epic week!!! So many inside jokes, great
I had such a great time tonight _icehous
_comedianjamie and I _broadway_comedy_cl
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What an epic day yesterday!  #agt #front
#standupcomedy #stageshots 📸_kenjonesco
Happy Birthday to one of my fave comedia
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Always great performing with this guy _m
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_williemaccphotography had me looking li
repost via _instarepost20 from _sanishan
It was so fun sharing the stage with _co
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Had so much fun on stage _cachecreekcasi
repost from _laughmooreent We did our th
Havin a ball on stage..
NC comedy love runs DEEP! LOVE THIS MAN
Thank you Buffalo! I had a ball with eve
repost from _mo_freakin_hegan _amberbras
Harlem, we rocked out last night! I had
📸_shrrycola  HAD TO REPOST THIS SHOT...
July 1, 2018 I shared a #decadeoflaughst
_comedianwoo1 inspires me! When I tell y
Had so much fun i danced off stage tonig
Lmao we all were confused about somethin
Sometimes I do comedy at Brewerys! Had a
Today was a good day..
Thank you to everyone last night..
Thanks _jackjrcomic had a great time _ha
1 more show tonight _heliumcomedy in Buf
Had a ball performing _comicphilmedina _
Thank you _cizzooo _icehousecc Happy Tha
Such a great experience! Thank you _agt
What an amazing day! Front of the line p
Had them rollin with this new joke! Love
So much fun last night! NC was in full e
Amazing show last night! Thank you every
Had so much fun on stage _cachecreekcasi
Had a ball playing Thick Becky for _TruTV _lafftracks _thelaffmobb #laffmobb
Detroit, we are about to show out and have a ball with y'all!  I'm coming to ya with this hilarious
Thank you _thejessietaylor ! Funny mofo! I had a BALL, can't wait to come back to the Loo
Had a ball with my amazingly funny and talented friend Talent, after the 25th anniversary DefJam!  #
#tbt this is one of my favorite pictures ever, it was a moment after Dave had announced his show was
_talentdacomedian _laughloungestl _djkut
Awwwwww shit! It's but to be real funny this week!  _marcus_combs outchea! #laffmob  #lafftracks #ho
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This is what happens when I think I'm gonna go work out some new material at the club and end up goi
Had a ball workin _dopecomedyshow with _jamariomcclain
4 days, 6 shows ALL FIRE 🔥🔥🔥!!! Tha k you _laughloungestl!  Texas YOU NEXT!!!
Reunited and it feels so goooooddddd! MY BROOKLYN HOMIE IS HERE AND I'M SO HAPPPPPYYYYY 😆😆😆 #broo
Getting that work out in...
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Comedian Joey Wells & I
Comedian/Actress Cocoa Brown & I
Comedian Adam Ray & I
Comedian Aarona Lopez & I
#laffmobb #lafftraks #trutv
Comedian/Actor Chris Redd & I
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Comedian Tony Baker & I
Comedian/Actress Torrei Hart & I
Comedian Barry Brewer & I
Comedian G King & I
Director, Tim & I on set
on set...
Comedian Jason Cheny & I
Comedian Jay Alexander & I
Cast of "Postal"
Cast of "Postal"
Comedian/Actress Torrei Hart & I
Comedian Brandon Wiley & I
Co-Hosting w/ Comedian Brett As-Is
Comedian Brandon Lewis & I
Co-hosting w/ Comedian Brett As-Is
Singer/Songwriter Mabvuto & I
Comedian Garrick Dixon & I
Comedian/Actor/Writer Joey Wells & I
posing for a quick pic on set
Comedian Dave Getzoff & I
Comedian/Actor/Writer Joey Wells & I
Comedian Ramona Stephens & I
Laughs all around
Comedian/Actor Lance Allen & I
Comedian Richy Leis and I
Flappers Comedy Club, Burbank, CA
Drummer Bruce Briggz & I
Comedian D'Lai & I
Comedian Jay Reid & I
Singer/Songwriter Chrissy DePauw & I
Souled Out Sundays Crew
New York Comedy Club
BET Awards
Comedian/Actor Esau McGraw & I
Comedian/Actor BT Kingsley & I
Comedian/Actor/Writer Joey Wells & I
Comedian Andre McSween & I
backstage @ The Comedy Store Hwood
Las Vegas Comedy Club
DJ/Music Producer Jahi Sundance Lake
New York Comedy Club
Drummer Stacey Sydnor & I
Ladies of Comedy
Comedian Cory Fernandez & I
Comedian Queen Aishah & I
Comedian Sean G & I
Comedian Ebony Toliver & I
Singer/Songwriter L Young & I
Comedian Chris Sneed & I
Comedian/Writer David Arnold & I
Comedian BT Kingsley & I
Comedian Jennifer Bryd & I
Comedian BT Kingsley & I
Comedian Jay Alexander & I
Comedian/Singer Jonnae Thompson & I
Comedian Jeff Keller & I


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American Stand Up Comedian, Amber Brashear, is known for her ability to perform both urban and mainstream rooms, shocking the audience with her no-holds-barred approach to the mic. Her bold, thought-provoking material addressing her eclectic family, social issues, and relationships, make Brashear a force to be reckoned with. 


Brashear began her stand up career building her own stand up comedy show, Shiggles: For Sh*ts & Giggles, in Hollywood, CA, where she not only produced the show, but also hosted it.  She also produced and hosted her own stand up comedy and live music show, Souled Out Sundays at Inside Jokes Comedy Club in Hollywood, CA.  She's headlined various shows around the country, is a regular at comedy clubs throughout Los Angeles, CA, and has featured for Rodney Perry, Actress/Comedian Cocoa Brown as well as, James "Talent" Harris, to name a few.  She's been the host and performer of the renowned stand up comedy show, "Comedy Juice", among many others. She has filmed for TruTV's new hit comedy show, "Laff Mobb Presents: Laff Tracks", “Phil Medina’s Not Your Average Comedy Show”. She's performed on Bill Bellamy presents "Hollywood Live", The Stevie Mack Show and continues to tour the United States.  Furthermore, she is in consistent development of sketch comedy to be featured across social media outlets. Most recently, Funny Business Entertainment signed Brashear to perform colleges around the nation.


In addition to performing stand up comedy, Brashear has written and starred in various comedic sketches and web series, has performed with the Berubian Theatre Company, starred in the network pilot, Postal, and has written, directed and starred in various stage plays with Director, Jason Swain and MRATT, which is part of the For Actors By Actors (F.A.B.A.) organization in Hollywood, CA. She has also been involved with Actor’s Night, Hollywood. She is currently working with Director, Jason Taylor in several television projects as not only a writer and comedic actress.  



Currently, Brashear continues her career, performing across the country and filming on multiple television/film projects.  She's currently working on several writing projects, as well as a book, proving to clubs, comedians and audiences that she's not just another pretty face... she's FUNNY! 


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