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My First Stage...

Updated: Apr 30, 2018

I don't have the typical stand up comedian story... you know the one where they knew since they were a kid, moved to Los Angeles with $50 and spent years homeless, working as a waiter, or taking random gigs... that wasn't me. I began my stand up journey 10 years ago in the first black owned comedy club in Los Angeles, The Comedy Union Comedy Club, owned by Enss Mitchell. (continue reading below)

The Comedy Union Comedy Club | Los Angeles, CA | 2016
Performing at the Comedy Union Comedy Club in Los Angeles, CA
The first comedian to put me on stage and teach me a thing or 2 about stand up.
Comedian/Writer, David A. Arnold and I outside of the Comedy Union Comedy Club | Los Angeles, CA

I was introduced to The Comedy Union by Comedian David A. Arnold, whom at the time was the host of one of the hottest urban shows in LA, Chocolate Sunday's at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood. He was starting a brand new comedy intensive that was held at the Comedy Union on the weekends, and I said, "what the hell...", I thought it would be fun and at the very least I'd make some new friends. It promised a LIVE performance at the end of 6 weeks, and I had honestly told myself, "If I don't want to do it, I just won't show up", but I surprised myself and found I couldn't keep myself off stage and frequenting comedy clubs through the duration of the intensive. I had caught the BUG.

The night of the LIVE performance arrived. I nervously paced behind the red velvet curtains and leaned against the grey-ish brick walls, smelling the soul food coming from the kitchen of the club and listening to the uproars of laughter David was getting as he seamlessly hosted between each comedian performing. I'll never forget that night... I must have gone in and out of the ladies room 25 times before my feet reached the stage. As David introduced me, I swallowed the lumps in my throat, rushed to the stage, took the mic, and dropped what at the time I thought was pure FIRE... now I know I was awful to mediocre at best.

The Comedy Union Comedy Club | Los Angeles, CA | 2008
My VERY 1st Stand Up Comedy Show!

However, 10 years later... I still frequent that same club and I'm grateful for the lessons it's taught me. I got my first laughs there, and also have had some of my hardest bombs... you know those bombs that are so bad it feels like ghosts are punching your soul. I ate complete shit in front of Boris Kodjoe, who is my dream man, in that club. I had my first improv moment with an audience member that left the crowd slumped over holding their tummies from laughing so hard in that club. Most importantly, some of my closest comedic friends were made in that club. Thank you Comedy Union, xoxo.

Enjoy the clip from my very first show... (the one I thought I killed!!!)

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